About Us

A friendly, free service set up since 1996 to help people who have mental health and wellbeing difficulties to have access to independent and confidential advocacy across Anglesey and Gwynedd.

We are


From statutory organisations and designed and operated in a way which is free from conflict of interest.


We don’t judge anyone, you are who you are and we accept that everyone is different.


There is no charge to clients for any of our services.


What you tell your advocate, stays within the scheme and our confidentially policy only allows us to share information with others if

  • a) you are in imminent danger of harm,
  • b) there is a potential risk of harm to others
  • c) information is disclosed about a crime or planned crime
  • d) a Court of Law or its agents legally demand a disclosure

Your advocate will always discuss this with you before any action is taken.

An advocate can help you to

  • - Think through the choices you have and which matter to you.
  • - Talk through what actions you may wish to follow and any possible consequences
  • - Speak up for yourself or, if you’d prefer, they can speak on your behalf
  • - Represent you views when you ask them to
  • - Help you to access other agencies and services and to accompany you if needed
  • - Challenge Discrimination
  • - Promote your independence
  • - Understand the advocates role
  • - Take more control of your life


Our Advocates work by appointment to ensure they can give each person they support the right amount of time. Appointment will vary between 30 minutes to an hour and can take place at one of our regular locations or if needed a suitable location in the community near you.

At busy times we do operate a waiting list but always endeavour to begin offering support as soon as we are able.

Working with your advocate

As you work with your advocate they

  • - will listen to your worries and problems and work alongside you to achieve what you want
  • - won’t rush, some advocacy work can only take a matter of minutes, some can take longer
  • - are a valuable source of information and can help you to feel empowered to think about the choices you have with regards to many issues including:- housing, health care and more
  • - won’t do anything you don’t want and won’t tell you what to do

You are free to change your mind and stop the service at any time.

If we don’t hear from you after a period of 8 weeks, or you do no turn up for 3 planned appointments your advocate will close your case, but you are always free to contact us again and ask for another appointment if you need to.


If at any time you are not happy with our service, you can make a complaint to our Scheme Manager who will look into any concerns you would like to raise.


See our complaints policy for further information here